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About the client

Alstom- large manufacturer of regional airliners, business jets, mass transportation equipment, and recreational equipment, and a provider of financial services.

The challenge

Implementation of modern technologies of remote condition monitoring of the rolling stock and critical control elements of rail infrastructure required a large number of engineers, which are difficult to obtain in the labor market. There was a need to use qualified professionals from a trusted business partner. Sii helped with selecting and hiring the right people.

What we did

  • Creation of a library for translating bit packages into object messages.
  • Creation of an interface for communication between devices of different manufacturers.
  • Help with the implementation of libraries and communication applications on the UDP protocols.
  • Testing the previous solutions (writing unit tests).


  • Allowing parallel extension of the rail network by several companies.
  • Easier, simplified communication between various control devices.
  • Implementation of libraries for external tests in order to subsequently implement them in the functioning Train Management System.

The project will increase the level of availability of rail operations, increase the capacity of the railway line and significantly reduce the time of travel (trains runs with speed exceeding 160 km/h).

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