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About the client

Wroclaw Zoo is the oldest and largest (in terms of the number of animals on display – more than 7,000 animals representing 820 species) zoo in Poland.

The challenge

Providing visitors a mobile application which is a guide to the area.

What we did

Sii company for the needs of Wroclaw Zoo developed a mobile application that helps visitors to navigate on the area. With it you can browse the map of the zoo, create a route to different animals, learn more about species living in a zoo, and follow interesting events on the area. The solution allows users to create their own routes and has a navigation mode, which makes it easier to reach the designated point. Just a single connection to the internet is needed to activate the application. Then, it works offline.


  • Creating an engine for creating routs. Algorithm for calculating the optimal route between the points of the zoo, which does not require an Internet connection.
  • Managing and editing routes. Allowing users to create their own routes, and edit them.
  • Navigation mode. Navigating the designated route simplifies for visitors to navigate through the zoo.
  • Notification about upcoming events. Sending notifications about upcoming interesting events in the zoo in the form of a system notifications.
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