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About the client

Gdański Zarząd Dróg i Zieleni is an organizational and budgetary unit of the City of Gdańsk. GZDiZ has the function of managing the public roads within the administrative boundaries of Gdansk. In the GZDiZ structures, operates the Department of Municipal Waste Management.

The challenge

  • Providing e-services in the area of ​​waste management for residents of Gdańsk
  • Streamlining the handling of the occupants in the waste management economy

What we did

  • Mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone for residents of Gdańsk
  • Dedicated CMS for GZDiZ employees
  • Integration with GZDiZ IT systems


The Clean City Mobile application enables residents to subscribe to reminder notifications regarding the dates of waste shipments for selected properties. The application also enables quick and efficient filing of a municipal waste incident using a mobile phone.

Functional scope:

  • Automatic, personalized phone notifications depending on street, sector and type of building
  • The possibility of sending notifications manually to phones
  • View of the waste reception schedule
  • Editing of the schedule in the CMS by a GZDiZ employee
  • News module, with the ability to display article and gallery details – employees of GZDiZ have the possibility to add relevant information for the inhabitants of the municipality (e.g. what is going on in the city)
  • Reporting issues and suggestions within the application by residents of the municipality
  • Automatic numbering of notifications – so that citizen can see what is happening with their case anytime
  • Viewing the application/notification history
  • Viewing the map of waste collection points
  • Determining the route to the collection points
  • Providing people with information how to dispose of a specific waste
  • A map showing where the waste is collected
  • Database of residents and real estate


  • Building the image of the municipality by introducing an effective tool for communication with the inhabitants
  • Streamlining the waste management process by better informing local residents about the dates of waste collection
  • Streamlining the process of commenting on waste management
  • Increasing awareness of Gdańsk residents in the area of ​​waste segregation and its disposal
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