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50+ experienced

50+ experienced

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25+ projects

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Certified & secure

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Quality & security

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We cover different business areas

Offering application security systems, we block unauthorized access to your IT environment. An attack surface analysis and threat modelling enable identification of areas that should be secured. Based on their results, we protect the application foundation through architecture and secure code reviews. The final stage includes vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

Due to the increasing number of cybersecurity threats, there is a constant need for monitoring and handling incidents. The Security Operations Center identifies risks before the actual attack occurs. Once the detection process is completed and the problem solved, we perform containment actions. Our SOC analysts also work on detection rules improvement to intercept new threats.

The implementation of a full Data Leakage Prevention process allows Sii DLP team to analyze your data and identify areas requiring protection. Based on that we develop a strategy against data leakage and implement adequate DLP tools improving security. Our specialists configure alert rules and test them in order to categorize events. Sii operations team handles raised DLP events and quickly detects potential incidents.

Sii implements security solutions after performing an in-depth analysis of the client’s expectations. Our specialists examine both infrastructure and network to make the security consulting process as effective as possible. By designing a public key infrastructure, we strengthen your cyber defence. If needed, we monitor your products in terms of security and review key security design points, including the source code.

Our policy of secure user data management regulates access to systems and networks as well as login processes. Sii specialists implement and configure Identity Access Management and Privileged Account Management systems, at the same time offering custom development, integration, and service desk for IAM activities. With our support, you can control user access to critical data and prevent information leakage within your company.

In the case of embedded products, security is a top priority from the earliest possible stage of design. As a part of a defined process, we identify all critical security assets, including passwords, configuration data, and encryption keys. Next, a detailed assessment is carried out, taking into account all real and potential threats to the protected assets. Design of the countermeasures to the identified threats is the last step.

The process is based on a set of specific security demands that are derived from various standards, certification requirements, and previous experiences of our security architects.

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