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Confidential information safe at Sii Poland with the TISAX certificate

Sii Poland has met the requirements of one of the most desirable standards in the automotive industry at the highest level of information protection — TISAX AL 3. After successfully going through the certification process, Sii can guarantee its business partners established security level in the area of confidential information protection, including prototype projects, which are usually top secret.

As part of the implemented processes and procedures prepared in the course of the TISAX certification, specific security solutions for data exchange have been adopted. Within the organization, physical barriers such as separated project zones with designated access control points for those involved in ongoing projects are used. Importantly, the precautionary measures are not only related to digital information but also physical components for automotive projects: car parts, as well as components of individual systems, for example, the infotainment system – including software.

— Thanks to its versatility, TISAX can be implemented both in production halls and software development companies, at every stage of the supply chain in the automotive industry. Therefore, safety standards are reflected in the production of individual components — it is possible to verify the level of protection for the production process of each screw in the vehicle, single light bulb or simple software. The final result of this process is a complete car, consisting of thousands of components, each of which can and should be secured separately — explains Piotr Mazurski, Security Specialist at Sii Poland.

Having implemented the standard, Sii guarantees that the projects of automotive sector’s clients meet the requirements of TISAX — but that is not all.

 — Now, we also have the right experience and resources to prepare our clients for the TISAX certification. Many companies providing the automotive industry with services and wishing to remain competitive have faced the need to get this certificate — says Szymon Karaś, Head of Automotive Industry at Sii Poland.

As an organization with perfectly structured processes that has been audited many times (e.g. ISO 27001, TISAX and the extremely restrictive Common Criteria EAL6), Sii is able to help its clients prepare for an official audit by identifying areas with the need for closer attention and sharing good practices necessary for successful process completion.

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